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TRANCE CHANNEL – Emotions of Anxiety and Fear that are Not my Own?


Hello! Thank you for finding my post! I haven’t channeled each day as I had hoped. The days just fly by which should be another question to the collective why it seems like time flies by more quickly! But today I did a channel that was not to practice trance channeling, so it was more what I’ve been doing the past few years in light to medium channeling by automatic writing. Hope this helps for those who sometimes feel emotions that they seem to sense that don’t belong to them.



We come in light and love!

  • Hello who is there?

We are the collective consciousness of angels and guides. We are here to answer your questions today Marie.

  • Thank you for meeting me- I would like to know why I have been so emotional lately. I feel like they are not my feelings of anxiety and fear.

This is a process all who seek the spiritual path of enlightenment must all experience through their lifetime. It is a purging of energies periodically to cleanse the energy body in order to vibrate at the highest level. There will be times when this will be difficult for you. And the easiest way to overcome these periods is to let go of the results or what you are experiencing emotionally. For being swept in the emotional will result in having a difficult time to purge. It is like holding on to dense energies, where letting them go is more beneficial. The problem is that you identify these emotions as “you”, but this could be an emotion from the past that has emerged. This could also be emotional energy from your surroundings, of people, places or things that you have absorbed to aid in the purge of humanity. You are constantly purging energies as it flows through you, but there are some instances that are more noticeable than others because there is more dense energy to process.

  • Ok so this is not my feelings, or not my fears even though I feel them? That is confusing

Think of it that you are experiencing a wave of energy that passes through you. This energy could be from the past or outer influences. This energy contains feelings or emotions from the past or external energies or emotions and because they pass through you, you “sense” them- and one of the senses is emotionally.

  • How do I know what’s my own feelings and that of a past or something else?

You will know because it will feel foreign to you. The more higher in vibration, the more you can separate yourself from the emotional wave that is being purged, healed, transmuted. If in lower vibration, you would not be able to notice the difference, and then you would act on the emotion believing it is coming from your present self. This is the result of many disputes and confusion. Many relive the past, and they “put on the suit” of the past but it is temporary. This is when the purging will be difficult. Letting go is the key to allowing the energy to pass. Realizing this is not your current emotional self is what will help you through these situations.

  • Can I not experience these, or block it and just have my own feelings of what I’m feeling now?

The human self is not created to block this. It is like shedding old skin from a reptile. This is energetic skin and this is a way we can explain in a way you may be able to understand. A reptile cannot keep their skin because it will just become heavier and heavier of layers that no longer do them any good. Once they shed the layers, the reptiles have new skin with the feeling of being lighter. They too vibrate higher, and also grow. And so will you all.

  • That’s a good example. That’s actually really understandable that way I guess.

We try our best to explain although we know that there are things we cannot. But this is the closest example we can explain to you that it is for your benefit and also the benefit of the world of the purging of dense energies and making room for higher energies. You will become more enlightened and will see things from a new perspective each time. You will grow and evolve in spirit.

  • OK thank you for the explanation, I feel better now. I will go for now, the channel is getting a bit tiring

That is quite alright Marie, we are very grateful that you have wished to communicate with us today and we are here for any questions you would like answered.

  • Thank you so much

We will speak to you soon. We are only a thought away.



This explanation helped me because while they were explaining things, they also showed me in the past when I triggered from an emotional purge and reacted to the emotion I was experiencing. And they show me now and in the future that I will not react as much as I did in the past. They showed me a more calmer person which would be nice to be like that all the time! LOL!


I hope that this helped any of you who found this post and also about channeling. If anyone has any questions regarding channeling, or any questions to ask in my future trance channeling, I’d be happy to hear from you! 🙂


Marie Santos

Channeler – Energy Healer – Card Reader


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TRANCE CHANNEL – Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People? (cont’d)


Hello! Thank you for finding my post! Well you know what they say- 3rd time’s a charm! This is my 3rd day of trance channeling and the words are still slow but it seems I’m having an easier time speaking the words. I think instead of trying too hard to be in deep trance mode, I allowed to be somewhere in the middle of light channeling which is what I’m used to, and deeper trance. I figured I’ll just be guided to go deeper when I’m ready. I guess it is like plunging in the deep end of a pool vs inching your way to the deep end. Maybe the gradual way is easier for me!

I asked to elaborate more on yesterday’s question “Why do bad things happen to good people” to the Collective of angels and guides and this is what I transcribed from the audio:

We come in light and love. We know it is not easy to make time to practice trance channeling and so we appreciate that you have made time for us today. We would like to elaborate on the topic of yesterday regarding “Why bad things happen to good people”. There are so many details that make up this meaning, but we would like to speak of one aspect which is how people are affected when “bad” things happen to them. We also would like to correct that your question has the word “bad” because in our world, experiences are learnings and are not considered neither bad nor good. They are all neutral experiences, which a result of learning occurs. When this type of unaccepted experience happens to someone, many emotions are being felt. Why you may ask, why sadness or anger are being needed to experience, but we tell you, that there is a reason for it all. Like a rainbow, emotions are different colors of the rainbow, and your purpose and choice on earth is to experience all these colors and all the colors make up the rainbow. You may ask yourself why does something that does not feel good is essential, but we tell you that there is a need to know what “blue” is, what “red” is , to make “purple”. All these emotions play a role in the vast spectrum of your emotional vocabulary. You will know what happiness is, by knowing what sadness or anger is. It appears that the sadder experienced people on earth feel the most joy when experienced after sadness. It is an element necessary for this learning here on earth in your lifetime. You have selected to experience these emotions and so you are. Your human self is not aware of these choices that you have made. So you are left to be puzzled but we tell you that these emotions are temporary because there is only love in our realms and joy, that is why you have chosen to transport in a world where the other emotions can be experienced. Not in our world. You will come to understand all your experience and emotions by the end of your lifetime. It will be like you are seeing the completed puzzle for the first time.

These unaccepted experiences are interconnected with other humans’ experience in their lifetime. It is a master plan created on a global scale. There is something to learn, not only from your personal experience, but also to the person who plays a role in these experiences with you. It cannot be fully understood completely by the human mind, but we attempt to explain it on a level you may understand. We hope that this has explained a little about these unaccepted experiences. They are only merely labeled “bad” to the person who is unaccepting of the experience. That is all we have to say for now. We encourage you Marie to continue speaking with us. Your trance channeling will improve over time. And you are already improving from previous times. We will speak to you soon. Farewell dear one. We are only a thought away.


I hope that this helped any of you who found this post and was curious about trance channeling. If anyone has any questions regarding channeling, or any questions to ask in my future trance channeling, I’d be happy to hear from you! 🙂


Marie Santos

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TRANCE CHANNEL – Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People?


Hello! Thank you for finding my post! This is day two of practicing trance channeling and I asked my daughter to help me transcribe what I speak in channel. Most of the channel was for her, but I asked her to prepare some questions that she can ask when I am in trance to see what I get. This question was asked at the end of the channel, so it is a bit short of an answer, but still something that I thought I should share in this blog. The question was “Why do bad things happen to good people?”. Here is what she typed up for me:

It is not as simple as can be explained in one session, but there is a balance of things that happen when discovering who you really are. All these things play a role for the spirit for the soul, highest good. It may not be understood with a human mind, but there is purpose in all of this in a more global/human aspect there cannot be learning without its opposite. There cannot be light without darkness. There cannot be happiness without sadness. And so it is.

We thank you for communicating with us today and we hope that this has helped you understand a little about this topic. We will speak with you soon. Thank you to Robyn for her help in this exercise. Farewell dear ones, we are only a thought away.


Maybe tomorrow I will ask them to go more in depth about this topic and hopefully I will be able to get more info!

I hope that this helped any of you who found this post and was curious about trance channeling. If anyone has any questions regarding channeling, or any questions to ask in my future trance channeling, I’d be happy to hear from you! 🙂


Marie Santos

Channeler – Energy Healer – Card Reader


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TRANCE CHANNEL – Role as a Trance Channeler – Introduction

Hello! Thank you for finding this post! I have not written in a while, but I am being called to improve my channeling skills as I have been light to medium channeling messages from Spirit Guides and Angels for my personal help, but I am now called to practice Trance Channeling . I am to practice each day to go into trance and will lead me deeper into an unconscious state, whereas my usual states I am still very conscious. I have been mentored by professionals to learning these light, medium and trance channels, so I advise anyone who want to try to read up on channeling before attempting them and to make sure that you are welcoming only the highest vibrational beings that walk in God’s/Universe’s light for the highest and most loving messages.

I will be writing the channels that I will do, hopefully each day. And also I will write about my experiences- like how it feels and any comments I can share. I don’t really know where the conversations will go, but I hope it helps anyone who finds these posts and who are looking for answers. I would like to say from my mentoring session yesterday to go into trance was very surprising, as I was shaking and my head was bobbing slightly circular clockwise. My mentor says that it’s healing energy from the angels and guides, I think it was to clear any blockages – but I don’t recall much in trance. It’s kind of like you’re dreaming and are trying to remember what was said in your dream! LOL! Also there was pressure in my 3rd eye (middle of forehead) and my voice was deeper than I ever heard it! In light and medium channels, my voice is a bit husky, but I was very surprised to hear myself and my voice that low! Another thing is that I recently gained contact not only to my guides, but it is now they call themselves “the Collective” and they explained before they are a group of angels and guides, and I felt like they always change and are not always the exact same high beings each channel, but my guides are always in the group. I also sense a difference in feeling my guides’ presence vs what feels like a council of guides and angels. I also feel safe and surrounded by high vibrational beings in channel and I feel more drained after my first trance channel.

I am undecided whether to include the recording of the trance channel audio- and I really never audio record myself, and I gotta warn you that it does not sound like me at all! It takes some getting used to though, but it seems like the voices of the collective are layered over mine. But maybe after a while I will start including the audio files as well. Below is what I transcribed from the audio:

We come in light and love. We are the collective consciousness comprised of angels and guides to communicate with Marie today. She has many questions regarding life- personal and spiritual matters. She will become a fully trance channeler and she will speak more smoothly and quickly but it will take time. She is getting accustomed to our energies and also the new level of trance. But she will become an expert trance channeler. She would like to know the purpose of being a trance channeler for herself in this lifetime. We answer to her that she is being given the opportunity to trance channel to help others who need to speak with us for their highest good, for clarity in their lives. Many of humanity are confused and needing a direction or path much like Marie does. We tell you, you are all being guided by high vibrational beings on this earth whether or not you are conscious of their presence. It is your choice to seek the connection with these high vibrational beings to facilitate this lifetime simpler, or remain without direct communication with your high vibrational beings and guides. They will be guiding you regardless of this direct connection. But for those who are not yet able to establish connection, that is Marie’s purpose to bridge this connection for them until they are experienced enough to establish connection themselves. Communication with us is very helpful for humanity to have. They will vibrate at a higher level. They will love at a higher level and make choices at a higher level than without this connection for communication. We tell you Marie that your role is very important in this lifetime. You will help many – in giving messages, giving hope, healing through energy healing work and also healing energy through artwork. All you have considered can all be possible in this lifetime. Each thought or dream cannot exist in your mind without the possibility  of achieving it. That is also what we say to all that are listening. Do not let your mind convince you you are not capable of the things you dream. They have been placed in your mind for a reason. And it is not that the reason is not to have it. No. The reason is that it is possible. It is all possible. It is all attainable. And more attainable, the more quickly attainable with our help and guidance. We will be here for Marie to practice her trance channeling and we thank you for listening to our messages and we hope it has helped you. Farewell dear one. We are only a though away.”

I hope that this helped any of you who found this post and was curious about trance channeling. If anyone has any questions regarding channeling, or any questions to ask in my future trance channeling, I’d be happy to hear from you! 🙂


Marie Santos

Channeler – Energy Healer – Card Reader


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Post Retrograde symptoms – Nausea and Vertigo

Thank you for finding my blog and specifically finding this post!


I had been feeling nausea and vertigo during the retrograde but also now that retrograde has just passed, I was still feeling the symptoms. In addition I had a strange falling out with my husband and it felt like the old us of years ago- it felt strange like both of us put on costumes of our past selves. We both felt like it was not who we were now and I asked for clarity from my guides because it really puzzled me what was going on! And there were so many assumptions I had spinning in my mind causing worry and stress, so I figured to share with you all what I got as message or explanation to help others if they are finding answers to these symptoms too.

Marie’s Channel with my Spirit Guides 05.13.17

We come in light and love my child

  • Who is there?

Shaban, Sergei, Harry, Bastil, Krysta, Kurt

  • What can you tell me about what happened yesterday? It was so strange

It was an energy wave that happens with the polarity of planets – as the retrograde settles, there are energies that are still up in the air and must settle causing a ripple effect of timelines and (connection broke) parallel universes. There is also interruption in our communication as the retrograde winds down, there is still interference in the airwaves, this is why retrograde is known for communication issues. What is written about the past is true, but it is also a cleansing in which the old energies emerge but are to rise up and transmute because the past is done, and the lessons are complete as you both have affirmed. Know that this is not a pattern unless you believe it to be, and so it will happen again. But you have the chance now to break from the pattern and you have already. This type of energy will come from time to time to be cleansed as is necessary much like the salt baths- it is an energy cleansing of the airwaves that happens without peoples’ knowledge.

  • Why do I feel nausea a lot of the time?

This is a side effect of the energy waves, like a radiation treatment, this is a cleansing of the airwaves that you are existing in. So like vertigo because of the shift of airwaves, it will feel like you are unsteady causing the symptoms of vertigo and nausea. This is temporary, and once the cleansing of the energy of airwaves are complete, you will be feeling a more settled and peaceful energy around you. There is constant transmutation of energy to gradually uplift the collective energy to where it needs to be. Also this can be considered as another symptom of ascension symptoms.

We want you to know that when you both feel as the past has a hold on you, that you be conscious that this is not you but you are living a memory of the past and helping transmute the energy once and for all. The energy goes back to Source like when your energy is completed on this earth it also goes back to the Source. There is more movement than with your physical receptors. But know that there is no harm, and it is a step forward to healing the world.

  • OK thank you- that was very well explained.

We will try our best to explain in a manner that you may be able to comprehend and will be less worried. Know that you will never be harmed, these are only healing energy and the dense lower vibration energy is what you are feeling because it is much more dense, it is like digesting something difficult to digest, so you feel it digesting with some symptoms, but eventually you will feel better once all is digested and removed.

  • Oh that makes much more sense! Ok I will worry less now- thank you for explaining it all

Thank you for trusting us more and more each day, we are always here if you need our help.

  • Thank you guides! I will go for now

Thank you- we love you dear one- we are only one thought away.

  • Love you too (end transmission)


Thank you for reading and I hope this has helped in any way.  Also if you have any questions or comments about this channel or if you have a general question for me to ask in channel, please feel free to leave them below and I’ll try my best to respond to them. Blessings!




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Spiritual Answer to a Health Issue and New Year Message

Thank you for finding my blog and specifically finding this post!

I have been feeling some circulation problems with my hands and feet that has caused me some concern, and I usually find spiritual or natural methods to help me with any physical ailments, and if things persist and/or if I get the sign to see a medical doctor, I eventually do. But I just did a channel with my Spirit Guides that I have been communicating in channel for 2 years who are my trusted friends and guides, and I have been keeping my channels to myself, but I have been drawn to start sharing my channels, in the hopes that they may help others find answers they need. I also felt like this was a general message for the start of the New Year. I know that this channel may not resonate with everyone, and that’s alright, but if it helps at least one person, then at least I have a purpose of not only saving them on a Word file in my computer! LOL!

So I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom, and this is one of the usual times when I will ask a question in my mind and I will actually get a channeled answer from my Spirit Guides. So usually I’d hear the messages, then forget them! But something made me want to write it down.



Marie’s Channel with my Spirit Guides 01.14.17

We come in light and love my child!

  • Who is here?

Angel Shaban, Guide Sergei, Guide Harry, Angel Krysta, Guide Eddie, Guide Malcolm, Guide Beylana (she’s fairly new)

  • Can you please repeat what I was hearing in the bathroom?

You have asked why you are getting pains in your hands and feet and circulation problems. We were explaining that this is something that you wanted to happen indirectly. This is the result of what you have wished for. You have wished to lose weight and to gain back your abilities in full (over a year my senses have been dulled, although I can still hear, I am unable to hear all Spirits, and my Sight is fuzzy or faint). In order to get your abilities at full strength, you will need vibrate at a higher frequency. Your abilities, have heightened, and in turn, your physical body needs to adapt to these changes. You have been resisting to these changes, and so this is the result of your resistance. Please know that this is not to harm you or instill fear in you. This is merely the result of actions of eating poorly. And you have known deep down that you need to make changes. You know exactly what they are because they keep coming back in your head to make changes, yet you ignore them because your mind is used to the same way to eat. Start to be conscious about the choices you make in your food intake, and you will see a difference in your abilities but also in your well being. There is balance to your well being which is the Mind Body and Spirit which is the trinity, or triangle that you have been drawn to. Each area is inter connected and when all operate on a high frequency, you will feel a positive difference overall. We cannot show you, we can only tell you, and you will need to do the work, but we are here to guide you and to nudge you in the direction that you have asked for.

You among many others have shed much energies that no longer serve them in the recent past. It has not been easy for many, and leave many confused and alarmed. Know that this is all for their highest path, and for their greater selves to emerge. In order for their greater selves to emerge, they must shed what no longer serves them, to make room for lighter and higher energies in their Mind Body and Spirit. They will also see a positive difference. You have prayed many times to heighten the consciousness of the world to end any cruelty. This is happening and has been slowly happening, but this transformation of the world and the people in it needs to take place first. We have hope and we have seen a peaceful world can exist.

  • So what do I, or what do we do? Or what should we do?

We suggest you to be aware of the changes that are happening, and when things do not feel right to you. Your inner knowing will never stray you. And listen to your inner knowing. You have been resisting your inner knowing. You have known for a while that you have been getting negative symptoms when you eat certain things, and also positive symptoms when you consume other things. Yet you have not listened to these feelings. Now these symptoms have increased, and you are paying attention to them. This is not to punish you, but this is merely the natural result of actions in the physical world. And everyone has a choice to change or not to change. It is their free will, and there is no right or wrong, it is just their choice to do or not do. All of us send love to whatever choice they all make.

  • Thank you, this has helped me, and makes perfect sense to me. I don’t know why I can’t change my pattern of eating even though I know things are not good for me.

It is just a matter of making decisions unconsciously. When you make decisions unconsciously, your mind pulls from patterns from the past and recreates the pattern. Then when you become conscious, you’ve already eaten what you did not want to eat, but your unconscious has been used to eating for years. But once you become conscious of the choices you make, you can consciously choose new or different foods that you are drawn to eating, and when you repeat these choice, your mind will create a new thought pattern, then your unconscious will choose this new pattern.

  • Wow- it sounds like a computer…

In a sense your mind is a computer that stores information, but you are far more than that. Think more like a Supercomputer! (I hear chuckles of cheery laughter)

  • Well at least I can hear you all, that I am still very grateful for, and more now than last year.

We have always been here even though you were not able to sense us as well as you used to. We have not left you, and we have never left you. You have shed much denser energies that results in hearing us more clearly.

  • I keep hearing “Vegan Lifestyle” in signs as I go about my days and in my mind

Vegan diet is the purest and highest vibration foods and energies you can consume. This is also why many spiritual people have chosen to eat this way. You are being “pulled” into this direction because this is what you have asked for. You have asked for the sign or answers to the pains in circulation and numbness of your hands and feet and you have asked for a spiritual direction or guidance. (I felt also there is a bigger plan not just the food, but God/Universe has a way to masterfully shoot to birds with one stone so to speak. There will be a multi dimensional lesson or result but in a positive way).

  • Thank you for all the explanations. I’m kind of glad Rock (my husband) fell asleep by accident!

Do not worry dear child. There is no urgent rush to your transition. It will happen because you are willing it to happen, and you have chosen for it to happen, so it will. Take your time to be conscious when making decisions of food intake, and it will gradually shift to healthier eating and healthier lifestyle that will gain multiple benefits for you. (I got a wink- I knew there’s more they just won’t say!)

  • OK- thank you again for all your guidance today- I’d better go for now. Love you all!

We are so happy and we are so grateful you have connected with us today! We love you dear one, and we are only a thought away.


Thank you for reading and I hope this has helped in any way. If it has, please like and share this channel so it may reach others. Also if you have any questions or comments about this channel or if you have a general question for me to ask in channel, please feel free to leave them below and I’ll try my best to respond to them. Blessings!



What is it like for me to hear my Spirit Guides?

– What is it like to hear my Spirit Guides?

That is a question that is probably answered differently with others who can hear. But for me, it feels like those movies with those secret intelligence or covert ops  that have an earpiece in their ear and you can hear from another source. I have met others with this ability, and some can hear with their outer ear, but I hear from my inner ear. The only way I can explain “hearing” from the inner ear is the message feels implanted like an idea or thought of sound in my mind. If you can try to recall a memory where you can hear someone’s voice that you know, that would be similar to how I hear them.

– How do you know who is speaking with you?

The messages also get paired simultaneously with a feeling or knowing “claircognizance” who is speaking. The first Being that I heard was my angel Shaban and she looked like a light being in her 30’s with blond Shirley Temple hair and always smiling. I would have a knowing that she I did not need to fear her, and I had a feeling of so much love in my chest. At the beginning of hearing them, I had the sense or feeling, but later on the abilities evolve, and I can “hear” what they sound like. I feel like they don’t truly sound or look like how I perceive them, and that either they or I chose from my vocal memory or visual memory how they will sound  or look to me. With this evolution of abilities, it seems like at the moment I have lost some of my sight but have gained more of my hearing.

-How do you know that you’re not imagining the messages?

Well I’ve asked myself that since I had the ability. I would doubt so much because hearing the messages is not as clear as someone sitting beside me speaking directly to me. It is more like a whisper, that is why for me, I need to be in a calm and centered state to hear them the best. I also do meditations to clear my mind so my mind can be blank and open to receive messages. But for me I’ve found that repetition of the message or vision helps my mind not to disregard what I am getting as imagination. Also their messages transmittal is so lightning fast, that I at times receive the answer simultaneously as I am still forming the sentence of the question in my mind!

-Can anyone hear their own guides?

I believe anyone can hear their guides. I actually believe that we are all supposed to hear them to help us during our lifetime, but they are suppressed as we get older by society’s learning. But if anyone is wanting to communicate with them, in time they will.

-How do your guides sound?

The closest I can describe how the angel Shaban sounds is like Diane Lane. A retired psychic teacher told me that we all have 7 guides – 1 for different areas, and others come and go as we need them to help us through different lessons or experiences in this lifetime. Another close guide I have is a “joy” spirit guide named Harry. He looks like a large guy with red hair and beard, and sounds like Seth Rogan! And another guide I have is Sergei who is a Russian blond male who has been my gym or health guide (I have failed him many times! LOL). And he has a Russian accent- that’s how I assumed he was from Russia! LOL! But one thing that has always been consistent is that all messages from my angel or guides are always loving and not judgemental. They seem to all be connected to  a Oneness consciousness which I believe is God, or the Universe. They also sound completely different than I sound when I write. They seem to write as a matter or factly, whereas I seem to just state my opinion about things. Also when they all combine as a chorus of 1 voice, they seem to sound different as well. I have channeled a collective of angels and they too sound very different to my group of guides I am used to.

I also wanted to add that when I originally read tarot cards, I would hear messages or see visions apart from the cards, which I thought was just my imagination, and I came to learn later that I was channeling messages from my guides that were helping me during my readings.

I hope this answered some questions on how I can hear Shaban and the other guides. If you have other questions regarding this topic or a suggestion for another post I can ask the Spirit Guides, I would be happy to hear them and please write them in the comments! Also if you can hear Spirit too, I would love to hear your experiences as well and how you hear them!

I wish you all much blessings and thank you for reading my post!


Marie- 333


Marie Santos

Channeler – Tarot and Oracle Card Reader – Energy Healer – Intuitive Empath

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